Head HuntingExecutive Search and Attraction

We are distinguished by our “Tailor-Made Executive Search” and our commitment to recruit and evaluate the best talents with the in-depth and detail that a strategic position requires.

We use cutting-edge evaluation tools that complement our perception of the interviewed candidates. Our methodology allows us to find and evaluate the most competitive candidates in the market.

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6 Success Factors in an Executive Search

  • Tangible
  • Position Challenges
  • Personality needed
  • Company culture
  • Economic compensation
  • Comparison against tangibles
  • Adequate experience
  • Compensation Range
  • Representative sample
  • Achievements
  • Deep interviews
  • Lumina Assessments
  • Candidate Reputation
  • Possible derailers
  • Motivators and values
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Decision Making and 360° references
  • Traffic light with tangible critics
  • Lumina competences versus intangible skills
  • Strengths and weaknesses by position
  • Achievements
Consulting Partner
  • Available and capable
  • Industry experience
Client Committee

Why you should put your vacancies of strategic positions in our hands?

To have a better knowledge of the salary market of the position you are searching and be able to negotiate properly.

Because internally there is no 150 to 200 hours necessary to carry out a professional search process.

To not compromise and / or lose image with unselected candidates.

To make sure you select the best candidate available in the market.

To avoid direct wars with other companies.

To be impartial in the selection process.