Second OpinionThe first opinion is important. A second one is better.

Have you ever wonder? What would be the worst thing that could happen if the candidate you are going to hire FAILS in the job? Is your professional prestige involved? Probably yes. In addition, the plans of the area, the goals of the teams, the continuity of the company, the image with the clients, and the morale of other collaborators can be put at risk.

Of course, we will never be 100% sure of hiring an Executive. But it is always more advisable to have several sources of information before taking a risk as high as filling a key position in the organization.

Before hiring or promoting that person, get a Second Opinion

Hiring and promotion decisions are high impact. For that reason, it is important to gather all the necessary information when hiring a candidate or promoting a collaborator. To more information, the risks are reduced. If your organization has already carried out evaluations and assessments, and you want to be more confident in making decisions, we give you an opinion outside of the box.

Info against risk


Our evaluation process considers 5 steps that allow us to evaluate the executive as he is in his natural state, in the daily work and in working conditions under a lot of pressure.

Position profile definition

At this stage the job profile with which the participant will be evaluated is analyzed. This profile includes the definition of:

  • The tangible critics of the position.
  • The required experience.
  • The desired personality profile.
  • The key competences and achievements for the position.
  • The main values ​​of the organization or area to be evaluated.
Personality Assessments

This evaluation provides a holistic and well balanced vision, recognizing that all traits can be useful and effective in their own way. For example, both introversion and extroversion can contribute to emotional intelligence in different contexts, where many traditional models suggest that extroversion is more important.

  • Leadership: We evaluate the characteristics of 72 personality qualities. Highlighting leadership styles in your personal daily life, in working actions and in situations of pressure or some levels of stress.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Provides information on how the Executive manages his personality to adapt to the changing demands of the environment.
Deep Interview

At this stage, an in-depth interview is conducted to verify that the Executive has the personality factors that will make him successful in the desired position.

During the interview, the level of mastery of the necessary competences is investigated, as well as the relevant achievements that the person has had and that are significant for the position they occupy and it becomes clear to the Executive that all the information they provide will be thoroughly verified which helps to make the person more precise in the information they share.

Reference Integration
Executive Report Preparation

The report is designed to make it easier for our clients to make decisions in the selection of the indicated Executive.

The elements that provide the desired objectivity for decision making are:

  • Verification of compatibility of the Executive’s tangible requirements with the position to be filled.
  • Summary with the strengths, areas of opportunity and risk of the Executive.
  • Conclusions and development recommendations.

What is the rush?

If you are about to hire or promote a collaborator, and you are not sure, we give you a second opinion supported by tools of the highest technology: Lumina Learning and based on references taken in depth and in a professional way, through An in-depth interview, conducted by one of our Senior consultants and applying a cutting-edge methodology.

Do you need a Second Opinion?If your organization is about to hire or promote a collaborator and need the opinion of an expert, complete the form and we will get in touch.

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