What is it for?

Every organisation has its own identity that will shape the requirements of its selection process. Successfully identifying and selecting strong candidates is a crucial part of growing a business.

Lumina Select takes into account the values of an organisation as well as the requirements of a specific role. This ensures that the candidate is good for the organisation, and the organisation is good for the candidate.

Lumina Select enhances communication between candidates and recruiters. Identify the best people to complement your organisation. Uncover hidden potential. Ensure expectations are understood clearly by both sides.

Lumina Select is designed to increase awareness for both the recruiter and the candidate so they can both get a better sense of the qualities needed for a particular role within the culture of an organisation.

Lumina Select Report

What are the benefits?

Lumina Select draws on Lumina Spark to create a portrait of a candidate’s preferences and qualities. Knowing this, recruiters can tailor interviews to better explore a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.


Improve your organisation’s performance by recruiting the candidates with maximum potential.


Reduce recruitment costs and avoid expensive recruitment mistakes.


Seamlessly integrate recruitment with onboarding and personal development.


Free up management time to concentrate on organisational goals.

Key Features

Create the right roles

Interview the right people

Ask the right questions

Recruit the right person

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