What is it for?

Lumina Leader increases participants’ awareness of their own unique leadership style and shows them how to lead naturally and with authenticity. It is focused on four balanced domains of leadership: Leading with Drive, Leading to Deliver, Leading through People and Leading with Vision.

Peer feedback with the optional Lumina Leader 360 review gives leaders the opportunity to see themselves through others’ eyes and observe the real impact of their leadership style.

People can be leaders in title but not display the attributes of leadership. According to the 2015 Investors in People/TBR report, the cost of poor people management is £84bn a year in the UK alone. At the same time, these are challenging times for leadership. Leaders face mounting demands, a high-pressure working life and exposure to multiple stakeholder groups with wide-ranging needs.

Lumina Leader provides leaders with information that is hard to get elsewhere. It reveals an accurate view of their unique leadership style. It also points to blockers and blind spots and recommends ways to avoid them. Lumina Leader increases self-awareness, decision making capability and confidence to lead others in times of increased competition and ambiguity.

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What are the benefits?

Lumina Leader, and the optional 360 review, allows leaders to tackle their career blockers, become more versatile and resilient when leading in times of change, and motivate people to become high performers.


Increased resilience in times of change and uncertainty.


Motivating and empowering others towards a shared vision.


Becoming more adaptable to address different job demands.


Increasing morale and reducing staff turnover.

Key Features

Lead authentically

Increase influence

Gain commitment

Achieve objectives

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